3 Routes to Healthy Teeth from Your Manhattan Beach Dentist

Your mouth is the gateway to the rest of your body, not to mention the focal point of your face. You want your teeth and gums to look, feel, and function properly so you can avoid dental problems and, most especially, dental emergencies. Your Manhattan Beach dentist is your dedicated source for a healthy smile. Here are just four of the easiest ways to make that healthy smile happen.

1. Keep Up with Teeth Cleanings and Dental Exams

You never want to miss your teeth cleanings and dental exams, even if you’re great about brushing and flossing at home every day. These visits are scheduled in six-month intervals and are incredibly important.

  • Professional dental tools can reach the nooks and crannies of your teeth that your toothbrush cannot.
  • Your hygienist scrapes away built-up bacteria and plaque to prevent tooth decay and gum disease.
  • Your Manhattan Beach dentist review your teeth and gums for signs of gingivitis, oral cancer, cracks, gum recession, and other problems.
  • This appointment is also a great opportunity to discuss any questions or concerns you have with your dentist.

2. Consider Invisalign Treatment

When teeth are straight, they’re healthy. Many adults flock to Invisalign, an orthodontic alternative that makes alignment possible when you thought you’d reached an age beyond braces and beyond a straight smile.

  • Invisalign uses clear aligners to deliver a discreet method of tooth alignment. These removable trays mean patients can eat whenever and whatever they want without restrictions, and it allows for a small window of freedom every day.
  • Invisalign can correct all the same problems that metal braces fix, whether you have crowded teeth or gapped teeth, an open bite or overbite, and beyond.
  • Treatment usually takes about a year on average though for some people it takes far less time to make some tweaks to that smile.

Teeth that are straight are easier to clean, because there is no difficulty getting in between each tooth or attempting to clean crowded teeth. The likelihood of oral health problems like teeth grinding, worn tooth enamel, and gum recession are greatly reduced when teeth are in alignment.

3. Call Your Manhattan Beach Dentist Immediately in a Dental Emergency

No one wants to have a dental emergency. No one wants to be in an accident, get hit in the mouth, fall down, and, as a result, have a dislodged tooth, damaged jaw, or broken dental work. Any sort of toothache, mouth pain, or oral health problem always demands a call to your Manhattan Beach dentist.

  • Dental issues do not go away on their own, and dental emergencies definitely need professional attention immediately.
  • Let your dentist determine if you need an appointment right away, if you are really dealing with an emergency or if the problem can wait.
  • Don’t try to self-diagnose or wait it out – you’ll be setting yourself up for further dental complications, serious dental repairs, and major mouth pain.
  • Getting your problem tooth addressed right away ensures that your teeth will be returned to a good state of health sooner rather than later.

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