pinhole gum rejuvenation beachside smiles manhattan beach

Painful and often unsightly, gum recession isn’t just a cosmetic problem – it’s a functional problem. Oral health complications go hand-in-hand with this condition, complicating an already embarrassing and uncomfortable situation. Before your circumstances worsen, and before you reject getting help for the complication, learn about pinhole gum rejuvenation, the minimally invasive way to address gum recession.

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types of dental veneers beachside smiles

When someone wants dental veneers, they’re envisioning whiter, brighter, flawless teeth. Planning for this smile makeover requires that some important decisions be made. There are several types of dental veneers and at your Manhattan Beach dentist’s office, you will find experienced dental professionals and the treatment that’s right for you. Same-Day Veneers The CEREC system … Read more

veneers durability manhattan beach dentist

The right materials, the right dentist, the right smile makeover – when it comes to getting new teeth that last, you want to choose reliability across the board. The porcelain that veneers are made of gives them unparalleled durability. These are gorgeous, new teeth that will last and last – as long as you do … Read more

LANAP gum disease treatment beachside smiles

There are a few different types of gum disease treatment, but one of the friendliest is LANAP, short for laser-assisted new attachment procedure. Whether you’re suffering from gingivitis or periodontitis, the most important thing is having your gum disease addressed so it doesn’t progress and destroy your smile. LANAP gum disease treatment is the procedure … Read more

modern dentures beachside smiles manhattan beach

Many people with missing teeth drag their feet about getting those teeth replaced. They fear their Manhattan Beach dentist’s recommendation will be for them to get dentures. This tooth replacement option has a bad reputation as being problematic and unreliable, but modern dentures have come a long way and they can give you back your … Read more

cosmetic dentistry dental emergency beachside smiles

Some dental emergencies are obvious, like a dislodged tooth or severe tooth pain. These are signs that scream, “Go see a dentist right now.” When it comes to damage to your cosmetic dentistry, however, things can get a little tricky. You might think the problem is an aesthetic inconvenience but not a threat to your … Read more

cavity prevention manhattan beach dentist beachside smiles

It’s not difficult to keep your teeth healthy and save yourself from the likes of tooth-colored fillings, root canal therapy, and dental extractions. Easy and effective cavity prevention methods include things you can do at home as part of your oral hygiene routine and things your dentist can do to keep your teeth and gums … Read more

whiter teeth beachside smiles

Maybe your child asks why your teeth are yellow. Perhaps you look in the mirror and dislike the color of your teeth. Or perhaps you run into a colleague, neighbor, friend, or stranger whose teeth are blindingly white and beautiful. Whatever your reason for wanting whiter teeth, it’s valid, and there are plenty of ways … Read more

protect smile makeover on halloween beachside smiles

When you have a stunning smile that was created with cosmetic dentistry, the last thing you want to do is put it in jeopardy. Halloween, though, is a time of major temptation, and even the most dedicated dental patients can damage their veneers, crowns, and more with the wrong choices on this sweet and spooky … Read more

teeth cleaning after covid beachside smiles

In the early days of COVID, dental offices were closed, just like every other business. When the world began to open up a little, personal protective equipment became the norm, making it possible for teeth cleanings and dental care to continue safely. Unfortunately, many adults haven’t been to a dentist since COVID began – nearly … Read more