Balance Out Your Smile with Restorative Dentistry

When your smile isn’t operating at optimum capacity, something is wrong with your teeth, bite, jaw, or overall oral health. You might be able to guess what’s wrong – missing teeth, broken teeth, unsightly teeth, and misshapen teeth are clear problems, after all – but knowing there is a problem and doing something about it are two different things. Your Hampton, NH, dentist is ready to make restorative dentistry recommendations so you can get your smile back to fine shape.

Replace What’s Missing

Are you missing teeth? Whether one tooth or an entire arch of teeth are absent from your smile, this is a problem that will affect how your mouth functions and face looks over time. With dental implants, both tooth root and crown are replaced for a secure, permanent restoration that looks and feels natural, no dentures needed. Patients who undergo this procedure find their smile restored to incredible working order, no worries about biting into food or speaking with someone. There are no adhesives needed to hold anything in place. Dental implants are there for the long haul.

Fix Problems on the Spot

Restorative dentistry isn’t always a drawn-out, multiple-dental-visit occurrence. With solutions like CEREC – an in-office technology that creates same-day crowns or same-day veneers on the spot – your smile can be repaired the day that you visit your Manhattan Beach dentist for help. Not every dental office offers CEREC, and this convenient, sophisticated innovation delivers a solution immediately for broken, fractured, weak, decayed, or unsightly teeth. No need to wait for a dental lab to do their thing.

Correct and Beautify

One of the most versatile and easily overlooked dental restorations is a tooth-colored filling. Though used primarily to repair tooth decay, this composite material can also replace silver fillings, correct tooth chips or cracks, conceal discoloration or stains, or make an oddly shaped tooth look better. Tooth-colored fillings are a great option when you don’t need the power of an entire crown but do need a repair that is robust and strong.

Conceal Unsightly Teeth

Porcelain crowns are a powerful and attractive solution for so many dental problems, including tooth decay, chips, cracks, stains, odd shapes, short teeth, gapped teeth, and more. Crowns are called caps for a reason – they simply fit right over the problem tooth like a cap and leave a more attractive resolution in its wake. Crowns are carefully fitted to your mouth in size, shape, and color so they blend in with the rest of your teeth and fill the space left by a problematic tooth.

Let Your Manhattan Beach Dentist Help You

Dental problems never go away on their own. You may think you can wait out an issue until your next checkup and dental exam, or ignore the problem entirely, but that won’t work. At the first sign of dental trouble, get in touch with Beachside Smiles in Manhattan Beach. We have seen every kind of dental problem and all we want to do is figure out the restorative dentistry you need so your smile can be fixed. Contact us to schedule your appointment today.

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