If bleeding gums are accompanied by soreness, pain, or redness, these are signs of a significant dental complication. The problem needs to be addressed as soon as possible to preserve your oral health. Schedule a visit right away with your Manhattan Beach dental care team at Beachside Smiles. Don’t try to wait until your next dental cleaning.

Common Causes of Bleeding Gums

Treatment For Bleeding Gums at Beachside Smiles in Manhattan Beach, CA,

When you have bleeding gums, the first thing your dentist needs to determine is the source of the problem. Any of the following conditions could be the culprit:

  • Gum disease: Bleeding gums are most often caused by some form of gum disease, a bacterial infection that will not go away on its own. Early periodontal disease known as gingivitis is not always easy to recognize, but once bleeding, swelling, redness, and irritation are present, these signs show that the problem has progressed and treatment is needed right away.
  • Receding gums: Gum recession is often caused by advanced gum disease that weakens and separates the gums from the teeth, but it can also be the result of chronic teeth grinding or naturally thin gum tissue.
  • Aggressive brushing: Brushing hard doesn’t automatically mean you will have cleaner teeth. This heavy-handed habit can cause your gums to bleed and eventually lead to gum recession and other oral health problems.

Treatment for Bleeding Gums

Gum health is often overlooked. It’s easy to take for granted that this soft tissue is healthy and doing its job to support your smile. But to maintain their wellness, gums need just as much TLC as teeth. Any sign of bleeding gums indicates that treatment like the following could be necessary:

  • LANAP gum disease treatment: This laser gum surgery is used when patients have moderate to severe gum disease. Treatment clears infection and reduces inflammation while steering clear of healthy tissue. With no need for scalpels or sutures, healing time is fast and disease is eliminated.
  • Deep teeth cleaning: Also known as teeth scaling and root planing, deep teeth cleaning scrapes away plaque and bacteria buildup in the early stages of gum disease. This treatment is often followed by frequent teeth cleanings to ensure the tissue is healing properly and staying healthy.
  • Pinhole gum rejuvenation: For patients with recessed gums, pinhole gum rejuvenation guides gum tissue where it’s needed and restores gum appearance immediately. Inserting collagen into the pinholes stabilizes the gums and encourages natural production of collagen for healthier gums.

Get Emergency Dental Care for Bleeding Gums

It is always tempting to try to ignore an oral health problem and hope that it will resolve on its own. The reality is that most dental issues require professional intervention and, sometimes, emergency dental care. Once a dental problem has developed, making it go away requires the help of your Manhattan Beach dentist.

There is plenty of advice online offering DIY suggestions for stopping bleeding gums, from hydrogen peroxide rinses to increasing the consumption of certain vitamins. While at-home TLC might minimize your symptoms briefly, the fix will only be temporary. Gum disease, gum recession, and other serious gum problems do not go away on their own or with a little extra attention during your late-night brushing routine.

Bleeding gums are considered a dental emergency, and it is important to take them seriously if you want to preserve your teeth and restore your oral health. Only your dentist can deliver the treatments needed to eliminate the problems you’re experiencing, whether above or below the gumline.

Get Emergency Dental Care for Gum Problems in Manhattan Beach

If your gums are bleeding and you’re uncomfortable, don’t wait any longer to get help. Contact Beachside Smiles in Manhattan Beach, CA, to explain your circumstances and schedule an appointment right away.

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