teeth cleaning after covid beachside smiles

In the early days of COVID, dental offices were closed, just like every other business. When the world began to open up a little, personal protective equipment became the norm, making it possible for teeth cleanings and dental care to continue safely. Unfortunately, many adults haven’t been to a dentist since COVID began – nearly … Read more

emergency dentist beachside smiles manhattan beach

Dental emergencies are not good. They aren’t fun for you and your dentist never wants to see any patient suffer with pain, discomfort, or bleeding. Even if you’re usually comfortable going to the dentist, seeing an emergency dentist can be scary. Just remember: The solution for the complication you’re experiencing may not be nearly as … Read more

Manhattan Beach family dentist

When you’re busy running a full household, going from school to sports to other activities, not to mention juggling your own life, work, and play, it’s nice for one major thing to be simple. Seeing a Manhattan Beach family dentist allows for that simplicity. It’s your entire family’s dental needs managed and covered at one … Read more