Do You Need an Emergency Dentist?

Some dental emergencies are obvious. You know that knocked out or dislodged tooth is a problem and you must call your dentist immediately. Other oral health issues are a little more ambiguous. It may be difficult to tell if the problem is acute or temporary or if it really is a dental emergency at all – always ask your emergency dentist to make the determination.

Your Mouth Is Bleeding – A Lot

There are so many miniscule blood vessels in the soft tissues surrounding your teeth that any blow to the mouth can produce heavy amounts of blood. You may fall and hit your lip and the bleeding just won’t stop, and it could look like you hit a tooth too. But maybe you didn’t.

In many cases, a lot of bleeding doesn’t always indicate a dental emergency. Before you panic, try to wait a few minutes for the bleeding to stop on its own. Then do your best to identify the source of the blood and determine if there is also pain or loose teeth or major cuts to the lips or gums.

A lot of blood can understandably freak anyone out, but it doesn’t always mean an emergency dental appointment is necessary. If after several minutes and a compress, the bleeding hasn’t stopped and you’re certain something isn’t right, contact your Manhattan Beach emergency dentist.

You Lost a Crown or Filling

Dental crowns and fillings don’t usually fall out without a good reason. Maybe it’s an old restoration and the bonding material gave out. Perhaps you bit down on something hard or have been grinding your teeth at night and the action loosened the filling or crown. Is it an emergency if one of these things falls out? Not necessarily, but it warrants a call to your emergency dentist.

When a tooth is treated with a crown or filling, it’s because it had a problem to begin with – tooth decay, an infection, or damage. Not treating that tooth would leave it susceptible to bacteria and infections and lead to serious oral health complications. The same thing can happen again if you don’t get the filling or crown replaced right away. So while you might not need a same-day emergency appointment, you need one soon – let your Manhattan Beach dentist make the determination.

You Chipped a Tooth

A cosmetic problem like a chipped tooth is not always a dental emergency that requires a same-day dental visit. A chip on a prominent tooth or a veneer will be noticeable and you’ll probably feel self-conscious about your smile, but the biggest concern is if a chip is a threat to the tooth or tissues surrounding it.

If you can definitely confirm that the chip you’re dealing with is purely cosmetic, call your dentist to discuss the situation. Chances are, an appointment to get a same-day veneer may be all you need to correct what’s going on and your smile will be whole again in no time.

Contact Your Manhattan Beach Emergency Dentist

No matter what kind of oral health emergency you experience, always feel confident about calling your emergency dentist with questions or to request an immediate appointment. Your dental team wants to know what’s going on with your teeth and is prepared to help you at any time, even when it might seem inconvenient. If you are experiencing a dental emergency, contact Beachside Smiles in Manhattan Beach right away.

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