When you have a damaged tooth, you want the problem to be repaired as quickly as possible so you avoid the stress, discomfort, or unsightliness it has caused. At Beachside Smiles in Manhattan Beach, CA, our dental team uses the sophisticated CEREC same day crowns system to create and place long-lasting dental crowns.

How Same Day Crowns Work

Typically, dental repairs like a porcelain crown take a week or longer to be ready because images and molds are sent to an off-site dental lab for a customized restoration. The in-house CEREC solution, however, eliminates the travel time, downtime, and work time of a dental lab so you can have your smile repaired in just one day.

  • Advanced technology and design: CEREC uses computer-assisted design and milling systems to create dental restorations while you wait.
  • Perfect fit: Your dental crown will be of top quality in materials, design, and fit and there is no substitute for the accuracy your dentist can achieve when a crown is designed right on the premises with CEREC.
  • One dental visit: You’re stressed out enough when you have a damaged tooth. You shouldn’t have to worry about multiple dental visits to get the problem fixed. When you visit a dental office that uses CEREC you need one appointment only
  • Natural-looking repair: It’s normal to be concerned about the appearance of your same day crown, but these restorations are natural-looking in color, shape, and size. They will blend right into your smile as though nothing ever happened.

Problems Fixed By Same Day Crowns

There is no such thing as a convenient dental problem, and it’s even more upsetting when you think a repair will take weeks to complete. The same day crowns CEREC solution can fix everything in just one dental visit, including problems like:

Dummy Teeth on the Hand
  • Fractured tooth: If you chip, break, crack, or damage a tooth, it might not hurt, but you are at risk of food particles and bacteria getting inside of the tooth if it isn’t covered up.
  • Broken crown or filling: Dental restorations are meant to last, but some can’t last forever. A CEREC crown can replace a lost crown or broken filling in no time.
  • Weak tooth: A disintegrating tooth will only get worse without intervention. A crown will make it robust and strong once again.
  • Infected tooth: If you have an infection that calls for root canal therapy, you can get a same day crown to cover the treated area and offer full protection to that tooth.
  • Unsightly tooth: When you’re tired of the oddly sized, stained, or unsightly tooth that interrupts your smile, a same day crown can conceal it and make it match the rest of your teeth.
  • Decayed tooth: Have a cavity that’s too big to be fixed with a tooth-colored filling? A dental crown gets the job done, covering up the entire tooth after it’s been treated.

Cost Factors for CEREC Same Day Crowns

Any same day crown using the CEREC system will have a base price to start, part of which is the convenience of getting a same-day, on-site solution without having to wait. Other cost factors will influence the final total, including:

  • What problem is being fixed
  • The location of the tooth
  • The size of the crown
  • Material used to make the crown

Get a Same Day Crown from the Manhattan Beach Dentist Near Me

Dental crowns are versatile and offer both cosmetic and restorative benefits. Same day crowns make this treatment even better by delivering a repair on-site without a lengthy wait. When you have a dental emergency that requires an immediate fix or don’t want to wait for a dental lab to create your customized restoration, rely on the CEREC solution from Beachside Smiles in Manhattan Beach. Contact us to schedule your appointment and find out if you’re a good candidate for same day crowns.

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