Professional teeth cleaning from your dentist are the foundation of good oral health care. Seeing your dental team every six months and maintaining a good brushing and flossing routine at home means you are doing all the right things to help yourself have healthy teeth and gums. At Beachside Smiles in Manhattan Beach, CA, we proudly welcome patients of all ages and work to help you establish and maintain good oral health for a lifetime.

What to Expect During a Teeth Cleaning

Teeth Cleaning In Manhattan Beach

Multiple important steps occur at teeth cleanings at your Manhattan Beach dentist’s office. Here is what to expect at every almost preventive care visit:

  • Teeth cleaning: The bulk of your teeth cleaning will be spent with your dental hygienist who will scrape away plaque and tartar then polish and floss your teeth to a high shine. The hygienist has special tools to remove what your toothbrush cannot and their view of your teeth allows them to get all the hard-to-reach places where tooth decay could easily develop.
  • Dental exam: Your dentist checks your mouth for signs of gum disease, gum recession, tooth decay, cracks, chips, and other problems. Any small problem that is discovered will come with a recommendation for treatment, and it is always wise to take that advice and get the treatment to avoid tooth pain and costly complications later.
  • Oral cancer screening: Oral cancer is difficult to spot in early stages, but your dentist can recognize the signs of this disease. He or she will review your lips, cheeks, palate, neck, and throat for symptoms so you can address them before they become severe and life-threatening.
  • Digital x-rays: Most dental insurance plans allow for x-rays once a year but you can request them at any teeth cleaning for a fee. It’s important to get x-rays done as regularly as possible so your dentist can see what’s happening under the gumline and stop serious infections or decay before they wreak incredibly havoc.
  • Consultation: Have questions about teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, Invisalign, mouthguards, or other treatments? Whatever concerns or curiosities you have about your oral health, now is the time to ask them of your dentist.
  • Fluoride treatments: Kids get a quick and easy fluoride treatment at every dental cleaning to help protect their teeth from developing cavities. Adults can also request this treatment.

Cost Factors of Teeth Cleaning

Dental insurance typically covers the cost of two teeth cleanings per year, but many people don’t have dental insurance, so they skip their biannual cleanings and hope their brushing and flossing efforts at home will be enough. It’s not.

It’s so important to be seen twice a year by your dentist and hygienist, not only for a teeth cleaning but for a check-up of your overall oral health. These visits are intended to identify and stop problems before they become more complex and also save you from costlier treatments.

To make preventive dental care affordable, Beachside Smiles offers a New Patient Special which includes a cleaning, dental exam, and x-rays. This is an excellent value, especially for patients without insurance. We also offer easy and convenient payment options.

Get a Teeth Cleaning Near Me in Manhattan Beach, CA

If you dread your dental cleanings every six months, or feel like this is just one more thing on your list of responsibilities that you’d rather skip, it’s in your best interest to change your mindset. Teeth cleanings are so important and there is a lot that happens during these visits. Making the effort to keep your appointments every six months helps protect you from oral health problems later.

Having clean, sparkling, healthy teeth will boost your self-esteem and make you look and feel better. Contact Beachside Smiles in Manhattan Beach to schedule your appointment today.

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