Relieving pain and headaches caused by misalignment of the jaw

If you often wake up to an uncomfortable ache and pain in your jaw, it could be an early sign of TMJ disorder. TMJ is used to describe the temporomandibular joint, and when it gets overworked or stressed, various uncomfortable symptoms may occur. If you often suffer from jaw pain, experience popping or clicking, or find it difficult to open your mouth after sleeping; then you may be suffering from TMJ.

Fortunately, Dr. Mungcal, of Beachside Smiles, offers various treatment options to relieve this uncomfortable condition.

Patients Who Are Looking For TMJ/TMD Treatment In Manhattan Beach Should Consider The Following Issues:

Girl is Touching Her Painful Mouth
  • One is pain. The reason that TMJ disorder often leads to pronounced discomfort in the mornings is that most people clench their jaw when they sleep. In addition to pain from clenching and grinding, additional problems, such as limited mobility in the jaw, can occur. TMJ disorder can also affect areas surrounding the face, such as the head, neck, and ears. This is because the musculoskeletal structure spans these areas as well as the face. TMJ treatment can address facial pain and problems such as chronic pain in the head, neck, and shoulders and even ringing in the ears.
  • The other category of TMJ problem is related directly to the teeth. Many people visit Beachside Smiles complaining of tooth sensitivity when they eat or drink warm or cold foods and beverages. Excessive wear is another effect of TMJ disorder on the teeth. This problem is also associated with clenching and grinding. Sometimes, sensitivity and undue wear are problems that we notice during the routine dental visit, giving us the opportunity to solve them with conservative care.

TMJ relief is available in the Manhattan Beach office of dentist Dr. Mungcal. Many people who suffer from TMJ disorder can experience a significant decrease in symptoms wearing a comfortable, convenient night guard appliance custom fitted to their mouth. The night guard looks somewhat like the appliances worn by athletes. The purpose of nightly wear is to create a buffer against the excessive force of clenching and grinding, reducing stress on the temporomandibular joints.

TMJ treatment appliances through the Manhattan Beach dental office of Beachside Smiles are an alternative to other more invasive treatments such as restorations and orthodontics, which can help realign the jaw and bite to reduce the problems associated with TMJ.

Over the counter TMJ treatment appliances can be found, but they do not achieve the highest degree of protection due to the inability to fit them properly. Every one of us has a bite unique to our oral structure. For a TMJ treatment appliance to be effective for TMJ relief, it must be professionally custom-made to each individual patient.

Manhattan Beach dentist Dr. Mungcal at Beachside Smiles prides himself in offering a comfortable, state-of-the-art facility, as well as a helpful, highly trained team of dentists and hygienists in our office. For TMJ relief with excellent TMJ treatment in the Manhattan Beach area, call today!

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