5 Problems a Dental Crown Can Fix

Dental crowns are one of the most versatile dental treatments available. They can serve as both a cosmetic and restorative dentistry solution. Dental crowns are designed to both beautify and repair teeth at the same time, whether the problem is large or small. Here are just some of the major problems a dental crown can fix.

1. Tooth Stains or Discoloration

Professional teeth whitening is a powerful, quick cosmetic dentistry treatment, but it doesn’t work for everyone. Some teeth simply cannot be bleached to a whiter shade, especially if they are affected by antibiotic stains or natural discoloration in the enamel. A customized dental crown, however, can be designed to match neighboring teeth, so if you want a super-white smile, you can get a whitening treatment and cap the non-compliant teeth with personalized crowns.

2. Broken Tooth

A broken tooth is a big problem, whether it causes you pain or not, whether you’ve broken your tooth enamel or damaged an existing dental restoration. It’s important to repair a broken tooth right away to prevent further problems from developing and to protect neighboring teeth from their own issues. Your Manhattan Beach dentist will examine the tooth for hidden problems or complications that have evolved because of the break, but it’s very likely the repair recommendation will be a customized dental crown to give you a strong tooth again.

3. Big Cavity

Small- to medium-sized cavities can be repaired effectively with a tooth-colored filling. When the decay is large and deep, however, composite restorations aren’t always tough enough and the tooth does not have enough firm and secure structure to accept a filling. When these are the circumstances, the whole tooth is treated with a customized dental crown that covers the whole tooth.

4. Chipped Tooth

A tooth that’s chipped or cracked without any pain may be easy to ignore, especially if the problem occurs on a hardly noticeable molar rather than a prominent front tooth. But any tooth enamel that has a break in it is open to bacteria, food particles, and plaque to enter its depths and lead to infection. A crown that is quickly put in place will conceal the damage and make the tooth strong so it can’t suffer any additional complications.

5. Crooked Tooth

You may be surprised to discover that a porcelain crown can be used to correct a crooked tooth. Instead of getting Invisalign or braces for a few oddly positioned teeth, it’s possible that crowns can correct your smile completely and make your teeth look straight. A carefully personalized crown can conceal the imperfection that is interfering with your perfect smile and give you a new tooth that blends seamlessly with the rest of your smile.

More and More Dental Crown Solutions

Crowns are known for covering teeth that undergo root canal therapy, and they are used to build up teeth that are too small for the rest of your smile – their uses are many and if you have a dental problem, it’s time to schedule a consultation with the team at Beachside Smiles in Manhattan Beach, CA, to find out if a dental crown is the right solution for you.

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