Smile Gallery

Josh’s Case

Smile Gallery - Beachside josh's case  after smile makeover

Josh had an old metal-base crown on his front tooth and he was ready for an upgrade. Thanks to Same Day Crowns he was able to replace the old crown with a new porcelain crown in just one visit!

Charles’s Case

Smile Gallery - Beachside Charle's case after smile makeover

Charles had damaged front teeth due to extensive trauma from a car accident. After just one treatment, his smile improved drastically and he now has a beautiful, bright smile as you can see in this photo from our smile gallery.

Bill’s Case

Smile Gallery - Beachside Bill 's case after smile makeover

Bill had broken front teeth from a workplace accident. After a fitting for a bridge, he was them fitted with a permanent bridge and the results are incredible. He has a brand new smile.

Talia’s Case

Smile Gallery - Beachside Talia 's case after smile makeover

Talia had quite a bit of damage to her teeth from years of smoking. Take a look at them now! She was fitted with our new porcelain veneers and she looks great.

Grace’s Case

Smile Gallery - Beachside Crace's case after smile makeover

Grace had a ski-related accident that left her with missing front teeth. Fortunately, we were able to give her a new bridge and it looks like she never had an accident at all.

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