Sore gums are a serious dental problem. If you’re suffering with this discomfort, you may want to wait to see if the discomfort goes away on its own, but sore gums are an indicator that something is wrong with your oral health. Contact Manhattan Beach Dental Solutions in Manhattan Beach, CA, so you can get a diagnosis and treatment immediately.

Common Causes of Sore Gums

Common Causes Of Sore Gums solution at  in Manhattan Beach, CA

Sore gums should never be ignored, especially if they are accompanied by severe pain and bleeding. There are many potential causes of sore gums, but you don’t have to figure it out yourself – your dentist will determine what’s happening with your oral health. Possibilities include:

  • Gum disease: Gum disease starts small as gingivitis, but if you see your dentist every six months you can get the treatment you need to eliminate the bacteria and avoid full-blown periodontitis.
  • Abscess: Sudden gum soreness accompanied by a swollen area is an abscess, caused by bacteria and, typically, untreated tooth decay. Foreign particles find their way into the tooth and cause side effects.
  • Gum recession: The hallmark of gum recession is when the gums pull away from the teeth and reveal more of the tooth. Advanced cases involve weakened gums and separate from the teeth. This problem can be caused by naturally thin gum tissue or chronic teeth grinding.
  • Aggressive brushing: If your teeth hurt the most after you brush your teeth, heavy-handed brushing may be to blame. Brushing hard to clean the surface of your teeth will irritate the gums.
  • Poor flossing: Dental floss is an integral tool in oral hygiene that cleans between the teeth but also along the gumline, moving bacteria and plaque away from where it can wreak havoc. If you’re not flossing or not doing it right, sore gums could result.

Dental Care for Sore Gums

It’s necessary to keep your gums healthy so your teeth and overall oral health can stay in good condition too. A healthy, strong smile comes from addressing dental problems as soon as they arise. By contacting your Manhattan Beach dentist to report that you have sore gums, you’ll receive the dental care you need right away. Depending on your diagnosis, treatment could include:

  • Laser dentistry: Non-invasive LANAP treatment involves a high-powered laser that destroys plaque and tartar to remove gum disease and promote the healing and regrowth of healthy gum tissue.
  • Deep teeth cleaning: Patients who have early-stage gum disease typically undergo teeth scaling and root planing to eliminate built-up bacteria from under the gums.
  • Pinhole gum rejuvenation: This minimally invasive treatment for gum recession is a fast-healing alternative to gum grafting. The gums are repositioned and collagen is inserted in the pinholes to hold the adjustments in place.
  • Root canal therapy: Patients who have an abscess require antibiotics but they also usually need root canal therapy to clear the infection from the problem tooth. The treated tooth is then capped by a porcelain crown which protects the tooth from future complications.

Treatment for Sore Gums in Manhattan Beach

Dental emergencies happen whether you like it or not. Even if you take great care of your teeth, you can develop a problem because of an unnoticed oral health problem. If you suffer from sore gums, get help right away. This discomfort can turn into other dental complications without immediate intervention. You aren’t taking on unnecessary dental care by reporting your sore gums – you’re protecting your future oral health, keeping pain at bay, and keeping the need for complex repairs at a minimum. Contact Manhattan Beach Dental Solutions in Manhattan Beach, CA, to discuss your symptoms and find out whether you need

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