6 Tips for Whiter Teeth

Maybe your child asks why your teeth are yellow. Perhaps you look in the mirror and dislike the color of your teeth. Or perhaps you run into a colleague, neighbor, friend, or stranger whose teeth are blindingly white and beautiful. Whatever your reason for wanting whiter teeth, it’s valid, and there are plenty of ways to make it happen on your own and with the help of your dentist.

1. Use Whitening Toothpaste

Most people want to try to brighten their teeth on their own before they reach out to their dentist for cosmetic dentistry. If you fall into this camp, one of the best ways to get rid of surface stains on your teeth is with a whitening toothpaste, especially if what you’re using has hydrogen peroxide in it. Don’t expect miracles though. The whitening will be temporary and will not get down deep into your tooth enamel.

2. Eat More Veggies

Not a veggie lover? You’re missing out on some serious dental advantages. Raw veggies are abrasive and can scrape food particles and bacteria off teeth. They also don’t damage teeth by leading to tooth decay because sugar and acid are in short supply. You’re a smart adult, and editing your diet to make room for vegetables is worth the effort – this is a good lesson to pass on to your kids too, especially the ones who won’t eat their broccoli.

3. Rely on Dairy

Eating or drinking dairy is great for your teeth too. Cheese, milk, yogurt, and anything in their family can whiten teeth over time. Plus, calcium keeps tooth enamel strong which helps make teeth resistant to acid and bacteria. If you enjoy harder cheeses, these can even remove food particles that threaten your teeth.

4. Get a Teeth Cleaning

Professional teeth cleanings and dental exams are recommended twice a year and keep your teeth polished, white, and clean. But, you can absolutely schedule more frequent cleanings for yourself if you think your teeth need it. If you’ve had some busy months full of coffee drinking, red wines and dark sauces, or smoking, you can make a fresh start with your smile by contacting your dentist for a special cleaning.

5. Invest in Professional Teeth Whitening

Many people want to whiten their teeth using over-the-counter products, but these items are a pricey investment that do not guarantee results. If you’re at this stage, what you need most is to see your Manhattan Beach cosmetic dentist to find out if you’re a good candidate for professional teeth whitening or if there are other dental treatments that might suit you better, like porcelain veneers or crowns.

6. Visit Your Manhattan Beach Dentist

No matter what makes you unhappy about the appearance of your teeth, your dental team at Beachside Smiles in Manhattan Beach is prepared to help you whiten up, brighten up, and feel like the best version of yourself. Schedule an appointment.

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