Free Yourself from Smile Stress with Same-Day Veneers

You cracked a tooth. You broke a veneer. You have an important event or photo the next day – or, worse, the same day. It’s a disaster… except it isn’t. When you’re dealing with an acute cosmetic dental problem and need it fixed right away, you want to know you can rely on an experienced dentist to deliver an immediate solution. Through incredible, on-site technology known as CEREC, you can get a permanent same-day veneer. Catastrophe averted.

Are Same-Day Veneers Too Good to Be True?

It might seem like you have no chance of getting a quick fix for a damaged tooth, but same-day veneers make it possible. And, believe it or not, “same-day” really does mean you can get a tooth repair on the very day you damage it. (As long as there are no other major oral health complications going on at the same time.)

Usually, veneers take two to three dental visits to complete with all the planning, preparation, design, and lab time. With CEREC technology, you get all the benefits of traditional veneers – personalized, natural-looking results – without all that extra time.

The CEREC technology delivers the following:

  • On-site restoration: You don’t have to wait for your new veneer or restoration of any kind to be sent to a lab for creation. It’s made right there on-site at your Manhattan Beach dentist’s office for an expedited version.
  • Accurate digital results: No molds or impressions are necessary. CEREC delivers on accuracy and precision for a just-right repair.
  • Customized solution: Your dentist works with the software and technology to specify the exact characteristics your same-day veneers need in color, shape, size, length, and more.
  • High-grade materials: You’re getting the highest quality of materials possible through the CEREC system and they look just like natural teeth for a consistent appearance.
  • Immediate edits: If the restoration your dentist creates doesn’t fit properly or look right, it can be edited right on the spot for a flawless same-day veneer.

How CEREC Works

All this talk about the CEREC system – what is it really? CEREC is a computer-assisted design and milling system that is intended to create dental restorations while you wait. Your dentist carefully designs the same-day veneer and enters the information into the state-of-the-art system for it to quickly produce the cosmetic repair that’s needed immediately, whether a veneer or same-day crown.

  • You don’t have to go to the dentist, leave, then wait for your repair to be ready. It’s only a matter of time on-site during that same appointment until your restoration is available. Dental labs are eliminated.
  • Appearance, fit, and size are flawless because same-day veneers are created in the moment and adjusted in the moment.
  • Same-day veneers blend in with the rest of your smile because they have been carefully designed and adjusted to be flawless in the sophisticated CEREC system.

Get Help for Your Veneer Problem Today

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