Start Your Summer With Invisalign

School will soon be out, the season will officially be one of relaxation and vacation and fun. While you may not see this as the best moment to make an oral health change, summer is actually an excellent time to make things happen with your smile, especially if you are interested in Invisalign treatment.

Why Adults Choose Summer to Start Invisalign

Many adults plan a summer staycation away from their job but close to home so they can begin their Invisalign treatment. This is a great way to think and helps you get used to those first few weeks of wearing Invisalign:

  • Adjust to how it feels to wear Invisalign and allow any temporary speech alterations to come and go.
  • Get comfortable with how you look in the mirror and how you’ll look to others (people are very unlikely to notice your trays).
  • Develop a routine throughout the day for wearing and removing the trays, particularly during meals.
  • Establish a cleaning routine for your teeth and your trays.
  • Endure the initial discomfort and pressure that comes from wearing the trays for the first time.

Even if you’ll be traveling with family or by yourself, Invisalign is the kind of cosmetic dentistry treatment that can seamlessly join in the fun. Get your routine set in stone, make sure you have your Invisalign cases and cleanings tools at the ready, and enjoy your adventures.

Benefits of Starting Invisalign Teen in Summertime

Summer is all about taking things easy for teenagers, leaving daily responsibilities behind, and enjoying time off. Lazy weekends and beautiful weather rule. This makes adding an obligation like Invisalign Teen to the mix easy – there isn’t as much to distract them from getting it right. In fact, starting treatment now can make summer even better and fall completely easy. Here’s why:

  • Get used to wearing the trays at home on your own time without classmates or peers noticing.
  • Develop a routine and a familiarity with your aligners that, come fall and the start of school, will mean they’re part of your routine and not a drag on your time.
  • Adjust to carrying around trays and cleaning tools to make sure teeth are clean and aligners are too.

Invisalign takes some getting used to. Sure, teens may balk at the idea of the all the “work” they have to do to maintain their trays, but they also know that wearing an orthodontic alternative like this is a gift. No metal mouth, no uncomfortable brackets and wires. Adolescents embrace Invisalign Teen for the perk that it is.

Start Invisalign at Manhattan Beach Dentist Near Me

By the time fall rolls around and everyone starts to get serious, your Invisalign-straightened smile will be in excellent shape. It only takes several weeks for you to notice a change in the alignment of your teeth. Seeing that the trays are truly working is serious motivation to keep going until your smile makeover is complete.

Find out if you’re a good candidate for Invisalign treatment and if this is the way for you to get the straight, beautiful smile you’ve always wanted. Contact Beachside Smiles today in Manhattan Beach, CA, to schedule an appointment.

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